Women And Sex Addiction



In our culture today, women tend to have a little extra pressure put on them by society. Whether it is about appearance, career, lifestyle, or sexual orientation, they find themselves under scrutiny very often and this can be an extremely tough thing to deal with. When it comes to sexual preferences, women seem to not have as much freedom to enjoy what they enjoy without being judged or objectified. Women are expected to act like ladies one moment, and then later on act out their men’s wild fantasies. If they do not act like perfect “ladies”, they are called promiscuous and told they do not have any self-respect. If they are unwilling to help males live out their sexual daydreams, they are prudes and not even worth the time.

In addition to problems like that, women have also been misunderstood when it comes to things like porn and preferences. Most people assume that primarily men are in the pool of people who view porn on a regular basis, when in fact this is simply untrue. Women are not expected to have fantasies or watch pornographic videos or movies, and so they become self-conscious about the fact that they do do these things. When things get out of control and it becomes an addiction, it can be too difficult for a woman to trust someone to want to help without judgment, so she might not even try.


Women and Mental Health   

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Sexual addictions will affect anyone in negative and dangerous ways, and it is toxic to the brain. Mental health plummets when one has an addiction, and people who suffer from addictions can develop mental illnesses and disorders. Because women tend to succumb to depression more often than men, this pposes aserious danger to the female population. Sexual addictions are often a result of/triggered by strong negative emotions like anxiety and depression, and they can help to further these mental problems. When trying to resist urges brought on by the addiction, many will fail and spiral into a dark hole of self-hatred. Higher depression tendencies in women mean that they might stay in that self-loathing a while longer, or even get stuck there. It is important for women to know the dangers and natural tendencies that they face in order to not be afraid to seek the help they need when they need it.


Seeking Help

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Nearly every sex-related topic is most likely talked about more by males than females. Typical guy comedies are full of jokes about sex and every sexual act you can think of. This separation of topic talk has been going on for decades, and finally, little thanks to feminism, women have been able to be more vocal about sexual problems they face and struggle with. That being said, girls and women everywhere are still slow to say what they are going through for fear of being judged, and this holds true for sexual addictions. Our society must become more open to hearing the voices of everyone if women are to receive the help they need and deserve. Likewise, women of the country must voice out their problems if they are to be helped at all, and this will take courage and self-love. We need to break this habit of keeping sex less talked-about for women so that they might come out to talk about their addictions without feeling unnecessary amounts of guilt and embarrassment.

When faced with a female friend, family member, or significant other who is struggling with a sexual addiction, it is important to be patient and understanding, as well as supporting and slow to judge.