Sex Addiction And Its Impact On Relationships


Abraham Maslow explained that sex is a physiological need and relevant to human survival. True to its statement, without engaging in sexual acts, the human species will become extinct.

Nonetheless, this behavior can also be considered as an abnormal manifestation of a mental problem where in the sexual acts become more incessant and occurring anytime, place and with other persons other than one’s partner, not to exhibit love but more on the release of inhibitions. Psychologists link it to a history of sexual abuse such as rape, child molestation, or mood disorders.

In sex addicts, their libido or one’s sex drive becomes excessive affecting relationships and can cause detrimental effects. Lately. sex addiction issues have surfaced and started to be sensationalized when more and more Hollywood stars claimed these issues as a reason for their divorce. For some, it is nothing but a feeble cover-up for infidelity.

Sex addiction not only affects the person suffering from it or their partner but it can affect their job performance, focus, and concentration. Generally speaking, not only affecting the intimacy, emotional and psychological aspect but their quality of life as well.


Identify signs

It would be helpful to recognize the signs that indicate the possibility of a sex addiction such as extramarital affairs, using pornography excessively, committing sexual harassment, often masturbation and performing sexual acts with commercial sex workers. All these behaviors and practices might result not only negatively when it comes to human relationships but the possibility of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.

What to do?

The first and initial step in resolving sexual addiction is admitting and being aware of it. Identify the contributing factors that led to this behavior. It is helpful that you set aside feelings of shame and embarrassment as you seek support from your partner, family or psychologists who specialize in sexual addiction. Avoid triggers that may cause you to be more inclined in sexual acts such as deleting contacts of sexual partners or pornographic materials from magazines and websites.

Since sexual addiction is considered an addiction problem, i.e., the behavior becomes repetitive because it provides satisfaction and coupled with characteristics of compulsions, the person afflicted with such condition can seek therapy from rehabilitation centers that assist individuals with sex addiction recovery.


Cultivating a healthy relationship by a strong foundation of trust, respect, and fidelity. It is important for couples to have these essential factors in maintaining the relationship. Resolve issues by talking it out and finding ways to meet halfway. Finding another person and telling them about your marital or relationship problems may ease the burden, but it’s also good to remember that most infidelities and sexual encounters can start in this initial action.

Involve your partner with regards to your acts of intimacy. Though it might be true that sex is a physiological need, love and sense of belongingness can also be shown and be communicated other than sex. Establish an effective and consistent communication with your partner. Set aside doubts by being open to each other. It is also helpful that you divert your drive into more productive activities such as discovering new hobbies and learning new things rather than focusing on gratifying the sexual drive.

If you already acquired a sexually transmitted disease by continuously satisfying the sex drive, it is important that you undergo series of diagnostic tests and comply with the treatment regimen in order to cure yourself and prevent the spread of infection to your partner.

The management is not only focused on the sex addicts themselves but to their partners as well. One partner could also be suffering from codependency, feelings of guilt and isolation. They may feel that the sexual acts performed is only a selfish act of the addict, them being an object and sometimes even considering it as rape. Couple or marriage counseling can be considered so the couples can undergo the treatment together.

In conclusion, it is pertinent that a sexual addict is truly committed to change the behaviors and participate in his/her treatment plan. In the same way that of the other partner, family and peers will work for hand in hand for the sexual addict to overcome the addiction.