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Sex Addiction Is Real And Made My Life Hell

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Sexual addiction came under fire recently as a slew of VIPs, who are reportedly sexual offenders, checked themselves in inside expensive rehabilitation centers claiming they’re plagued by the sexual addiction to the outraged cry of the public. Even among doctors and therapists, the hotly debated question is – IS SEXUAL ADDICTION REAL? Or is it just an uncomplicated scapegoat for celebrities and other royalties, sexual offenders whose acts have been exposed?

Well, a man tells his side of this story.

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VIP Sex Offenders And Hypersexuality: A True Addiction, A Misconstrued Crime or An Easy Excuse?


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The recent surge of news about celebrities, politicians and Hollywood bigwigs accused of various sex offence cases around the country puts hypersexuality – better known as sexual addiction – under the limelight. While these VIPs – House of Cards star Kevin Spacey and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein among them – and their therapists insist that they’re suffering sex addicts, the public cries foul saying they’re just making lame excuses to cover their sex crimes. Even therapists and medical experts are at odds about this condition.

Hypersexuality: which is which?

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Are You A Sexual Addict?

Finding out that you have a sexual addiction can be frustrating. It can turn your world upside down. There will be days when you could not stop thinking how this habit can affect the way your loved ones see you. You would feel scared about what may happen in the future. At the same time, it will be difficult for you to address the problem right away. It may seem that the world is coming to an end, but the truth is that you can still get over that addiction.

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Sex Addiction And Its Impact On Relationships

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Abraham Maslow explained that sex is a physiological need and relevant to human survival. True to its statement, without engaging in sexual acts, the human species will become extinct.

Nonetheless, this behavior can also be considered as an abnormal manifestation of a mental problem where in the sexual acts become more incessant and occurring anytime, place and with other persons other than one’s partner, not to exhibit love but more on the release of inhibitions. Psychologists link it to a history of sexual abuse such as rape, child molestation, or mood disorders.

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Understanding Sexual Addiction

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Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, sex is considered a basic human need. Both men and women desire for it more than others, even though sex is normally seen as something natural. The excessive preoccupation with sex might be disruptive to one’s everyday life. A person with increased desire for sexual acts is said to have a sexual addiction.

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Talking About Your Sex Addiction


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Honest self-disclosure with someone is never an easy thing, whether it be to someone close to you or someone on the outside. Talking to someone about an addiction, and in particular, a sexual addiction, is extremely tough, but the end result is the help needed to overcome the addiction. While it sounds incredibly daunting and overwhelming, it can be accomplished in several steps.


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The Casualties of Pleasure: Reality vs Fantasy




Mental illnesses impact not only the life of the person suffering from the illnesses but those around them. To understand how people are affected by those with sexual addictions, it is important to understand the criteria for a sexual addiction. Sexual addictions can cover many behaviors that the addict cannot restrain from doing, from online viewing of pornography to rape, frequent masturbation to excessive and compulsive sexual intercourse, and everything in between. Any sexual behavior that is nearly impossible to control for a person is a sexual addiction. With this in mind, we can now begin to understand who this mental illness affects and how.

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4 Ways A Sexual Addiction Can Destroy A Relationship

While there are many negative effects of having a sexual addiction, possibly the most painful is the effect it can have on relationships. For some couples, an addiction like this can be easy to dismiss. After all, how serious can a sex addiction really be? The truth is that it is a very serious addiction. Though the effects that the addiction have on the relationship may not show up at first, eventually they will rear their ugly heads and the impact of this can be devastating.

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