The Casualties of Pleasure: Reality vs Fantasy



Mental illnesses impact not only the life of the person suffering from the illnesses but those around them. To understand how people are affected by those with sexual addictions, it is important to understand the criteria for a sexual addiction. Sexual addictions can cover many behaviors that the addict cannot restrain from doing, from online viewing of pornography to rape, frequent masturbation to excessive and compulsive sexual intercourse, and everything in between. Any sexual behavior that is nearly impossible to control for a person is a sexual addiction. With this in mind, we can now begin to understand who this mental illness affects and how.

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4 Ways A Sexual Addiction Can Destroy A Relationship

While there are many negative effects of having a sexual addiction, possibly the most painful is the effect it can have on relationships. For some couples, an addiction like this can be easy to dismiss. After all, how serious can a sex addiction really be? The truth is that it is a very serious addiction. Though the effects that the addiction have on the relationship may not show up at first, eventually they will rear their ugly heads and the impact of this can be devastating.

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